These NC Senators have pledged or released public statements to vote to sustain Gov. Cooper's budget veto.

Who has pledged?

Dan Blue

Senator Dan Blue


Senator Jay Chaudhuri


Senator Ben Clark

"I will stand firmly with Governor Cooper to fight for the inclusion of Medicaid Expansion and more funding for education."

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Senator Don Davis

“If Governor Cooper vetoes this
conference report, I will stand with him and vote to sustain it. ”

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Senator Kirk deViere

“I support Governor Cooper and will vote to sustain his Budget Veto in the NC Senate because this budget falls short on expanding Medicaid and providing access to affordable health care, the level that we compensate our teachers and school employees, making a significant investment in clean water and air, and continues to further corporate tax cuts that lower revenue to meet our State’s pressing needs.”


Senator Valerie Foushee

Michael Garrett

Senator Michael Garrett

"Governor Cooper's budget priorities are better for North Carolina state employees, retirees, teachers, students, and all residents. I will vote to sustain his veto of the state budget and work toward a better budget that does right by all North Carolinians."

Jeff Jackson

Senator Jeff Jackson

paul lowe

Senator Paul Lowe

Natasha Marcus

Senator Natasha Marcus

"I am committed to uphold the Governor's veto and stand-up for our Democratic values of affordable healthcare, public education, and a clean environment."

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Senator Floyd McKissick Jr.


Senator Mujtaba A. Mohammed

"I have traveled the district and our state and have remained committed to working families, our educators and students, and our principles. This Republican budget puts special interests before the people and I will not support it. I stand firmly with my colleagues in the North Carolina Senate and with Governor Cooper as we seek a more just budget that truly reflects North Carolina values."


Senator Wiley Nickel

 “When this budget comes to the Senate I will vote to sustain the Governor’s veto. This will only harden our resolve to sustain the veto in the Senate.”

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Senator Harper Peterson

High (2)

Senator Gladys Robinson


Senator Sam Searcy

"Make no mistake I will be voting to sustain Governor Cooper’s budget veto. What we witnessed today in the NC House is a new low in political civility. We can and must do better. Democracy dies in darkness."

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High (3)

Senator Erica D. Smith

Terry VanDuyn

Senator Terry Van Duyn

"I have never voted for a budget that fails to adequately fund education while denying healthcare to 500,000 of our brothers, sisters and siblings. I am proud to stand with the Governor while he fights for a better budget for ALL North Carolinians."


Senator Joyce Waddell


Senator Mike Woodard

"The Republican Party's budget places more of a priority on scoring political points than investing in North Carolina's future. I will vote to sustain the Governor's veto and continue working for a better budget."

What's wrong with the GOP's proposed budget?

The GOP's budget proposal fails to restore public school funding cuts and give affordable health care access to half a million low-income North Carolinians.

Bad for affordable health care

  • The GOP's proposed budget does not expand Medicaid which would provide affordable health care to 634,000 low-income residents, create 37,000 jobs, and add $4 billion to the state’s economy.
  • By not expanding Medicaid the budget fails to lower premiums for everyone. Covering the uninsured helps keep everyone’s health care costs down. In the 37 states that have expanded Medicaid, insurance premiums are 7% lower on average.

Bad for public schools

  • Corporate tax cuts in the GOP budget will cost $800 million over five years, even though this budget won’t raise the minimum wage of public school custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and teaching assistants to $15 / hour.
  • Funding for classroom materials is still 42% below what it was 10 years ago, adjusted for inflation and enrollment. But the GOP budget hands out $800 million in corporate tax cuts on top of the $3.6 billion lawmakers have already handed out since 2013.
  • Politicians in Raleigh are forcing public schools into a permanent recession so they can give yet another tax cut to the top 1%. Even South Carolina spends 21% more per student than NC.

Sign The Pledge

I pledge to vote to sustain Governor Cooper's budget veto.

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